Artist: Pam Lins
installation | Plywood, oil paint, plaster, Medium-density fiberboard, and ceramics | 1854x1397x610mm | 2013

On view in the 2014 Biennial, Fells began with a question posed by sculptor Pam Lins about how to incorporate a painting into a sculpture, a proposal that she has been working for the past decade. Amy Sillman suggested that Lins begin a new work by taking and responding to one of Sillman's own canvases, and this began an ongoing back-and-forth exchange between their two studios. They continued this chain of moves and responses for over a year, Lins adding a form, Sillman changing a painting in reply, Lins painting a panel, and so on. The result is a hybrid structure in which the parts appear somehow coordinated and disjointed at the same time, its sculptural components challenging us to think about three-dimensional space even as its pictorial elements seem to disrupt that solid reality.


Whitney Biennal 2014 | 2014.03.07 - 2014.05.25 | Whitney Museum of American Art(New York City, NY, United States)