The Intermediaries

Artist: Bharti Kher

The Intermediaries suggest a mélange of unconventionality, ancestral complexity, and diasporic identity. One that brings with it both geographical and psychosocial dissonances. Bharti Kher describes The Intermediaries in her own words as “… a family of in-betweens. They are the outsiders, the self – created and the djinns, they are ur-halfs, crossbreeds and half bloods. They are the alchemists who deliver elixirs that will heal you and they are the magicians who disappear at will. They summon into being your trickster, your enchantress and the shaman in you.”(sic) Consciously defiant of specific religiosity and situated within a practice of activating materials that contradict themselves visually, these “half spectral things” then fit in and add to Kher’s work of a narrative building for hybrid beings. For an oeuvre that repeatedly provokes linguistic pirouettes, Kher is concerned not with identifying the disparate figures that form The Intermediaries series, but rather with positing them as accumulated warnings for the indifferent


The First Thailand Biennale2018 - Edge of the Wonderland | 2018.11.02 - 2019.02.28 | Krabi(Thailand)