North of the Mountains

Artist: Zhou Tao
video | single channel 4K video with sound | 2019

Along the desert, through the Gobi, across the mountains, bypassing the valley, is a piece of green land. Scattered residents have settled down in various villages by the mountain. The villagers of each town promised to return to the original site where they lived 27 years ago. Grazing sheep, galloping horses, and dog-fighting tournaments, is it the joy of reunion or sacrificial delight? Before the mountain snow completely covers the ground, they must find and gather the free-range cows and sheep that they have been farming in the past year. Canvas tents are put up by the crumbling walls; by the fireside that has been left burning for days on end, larges pieces of barbequed meat are piled on top of fragrant, white naan bread; old neighbors who have not seen each other for a long time chat about their different fortunes. Yes, at the north side of the mountain, the scenery remains as before.


Zhou Tao - The Ridge in A Bronze Mirror | 2019.03.23 - 2019.05.26 | Guangdong Times Art Museum(Guangzhou, China)