Gone with Wind

Artist: Wang Yuyang
installation | 2018

WANG Yuyang, born in Harbin and currently lives in Beijing. He has exhibited worldwide including Shanghai Biennial (2012), Asia Triennial Manchester (2014) and White Rabbit Gallery (Sydney, 2009) Wang Yuyang includes modern technology in his work and Gone with Wind explores the future possibilities for exhibiting outdoors. As the night arrives one hundred white balloons float in the air and appear as a blaze of coloured lights. Their luminosity depends on the sunlight they have stored during the day and the wind determines their colours. Due to a system registering the movement of the balloons, the LED lights inside the balloons assume a range of different colours, from red, yellow, to light blue and green according to the wind power and the intensity of the balloons’ flow. In addition to providing the public with a spectacular and touching work that illuminates the dark, the installation will mark the different weather conditions across the four months of the exhibition, as well as being a site-specific and eco-friendly work.


The First Thailand Biennale2018 - Edge of the Wonderland | 2018.11.02 - 2019.02.28 | Krabi(Thailand)