A 7-minute and 5 postcards

Artist: Li Tingwei
video | Two-channel video, 4K | 07:00 | 2018

Travel is an important part in the consumption of middle classes. In this two-channel video, a fictitious journey was told by five postcards that seemed to be sent out——A journey began with getting tired of everyday life and left home without hesitation, making plans and booking, learning how to enjoy the best view of landscape and taking pictures for social media, which is partly shifted from real experience. Cliché about travel experience has been replaced by simple Smurf comics to make the comparison with Maugham and Kafka’s reserved sentiments in text. The contrast reveals not only the ideal version of traveling away from home and finding philosophical meaning of life. The idea of travel, as a paradoxically optimistic solution to current problems under 24/7 mode, is rather an escape—a means to break free from the capitalistic race to the people in midcult. At the same time, under capitalism it is also a nonoptimal process of absolute consumption and relative gains. The infinity newness encounters stresses on the way of one kind or another. That is declared that going back home is ultimately the optimal destination ---after all, it is just when a chapter of life closed. Along with melancholic feelings in a familiar setting, we are just a little nearer to inevitable death.


Tabernas - Believes For Strangeness | 2019.11.02 - 2019.11.30 | 501 Xu Space(Chongqing, China)