Doing Nothing Garden

Artist: Song Dong
installation | Daily-life rubbish and building rubbish with plants and neon signs | 32500x23500x7000mm | 2010

Song Dong has added to the visual landscape of the park with his Doing Nothing Garden, which essentially is an accumulation of organic material and rubble: waste. Aside from being a 6-meter tall mound dotted by a few neon Chinese characters that read, “Doing” and “Nothing,” the project fits in with the natural environment. Growing native grasses and flowers, the garden is integrated; it is a thriving organism and it is an artificial landscape beckoning the question- can doing nothing lead to creating something?


Documenta 13 | 2012.06.09 - 2012.09.16 | Brüder-Grimm-Museum | documenta-Halle(Kassel, Germany) | Hauptbahnhof(Kassel, Germany) | Karlsaue | Karlsaue park(Kassel, Germany) | Museum Fridericianum(Kassel, Germany) | Neue Galerie(Kassel, Germany) | Oberste Gasse 4(Kassel, Germany) | Orangerie(Kassel, Germany) | Ottoneum(Kassel, Germany) | Untere Karlsstr. 14