20:00-22:00 handmade (Kitakyushu-Athens):

20:00-22:00 handmade (Kitakyushu-Athens)

Artist: Lea Petrou
video | 2008.03.05

Different countries have different ways of hand count. The Japanese way of hand-count, which is shown in the video, is quite opposite to the so recognized western way. 3 videos play simultaneously on a 3-monitor set-up after a digital watch formation. In total 6 close-up of people's hands appear counting throughout 60 still images. The monitor on the left shows 2 combined images in total, lasting 1 hour each. While the 2nd monitor shows 60 combined images, lasting 60 seconds each. And the 3rd monitor shows 60 combined images lasting 1 second each. Every 60 seconds that the latter, 1 minute construction is complete, it repeats itself over again while the combined image in the middle monitor changes. When the 60 minutes construction in the middle monitor is complete, it repeats itself over again while the very 1st monitor image on the left changes.


20:00 – 22:00 handmade (Kitakyushu-Athens), 2004 | 2008.03.05 | Marienbad Café(Shanghai, China)