As yet untitled sculptural theater

Artist: Lizzie Fitch, Ryan Trecartin
installation, video | 2016

Expanding on a body of work begun in 2013, Fitch and Trecartin present sculptural theaters built around two new movies, Mark Trade and Permission Streak. The single, circular narrative of Mark Trade—which unfolds around a central character delivering aphoristic monologues to a camera crew traversing the American countryside—is here broadcast within a stylized concept bar, while the episodic composition of Permission Streak, a sequence of animations and character-driven vignettes, is presented within a space evocative of acrobatic and aquatic training. Combining footage from the late nineties to the present and shot variously in constructed sets, backyards, roadsides, mountains, salt flats, deserts, rural Ohio, and a lakeside cabin in the American Midwest, both movies treat cameras as active inflection points, catalyzing the characters’ mutable relationships to time, memory, and modes of anticipation.


9th Berlin Biennale For Contemporary Art | 2016.06.04 - 2016.09.18 | Akademie Der Kunste (AdK)(Berlin, Germany) | Blue-Star(Berlin, Germany) | ESMT European School of Management and Technology(Berlin, Germany) | KW Institute for Contemporary Art(Berlin, Germany) | The Feuerle Collection(Berlin, Germany)