Sculpture Sorting Station

Artist: Thomas Hirschhorn
installation | Installation made of roof battens, plastic, wood, plexiglas, neon tubes, cardboard, spray paint, sil | 2500x8000x5000mm | 1997

A non-walk-through construction subdivided into ten “stalls” containing the following objects: Stall 1: Symbols and logos cut out of cardboard (Mercedes logo, VW logo, peace symbol, Chanel logo) Stall 2: Three trophy-shaped cardboard cut-outs Stall 3: Video about the artist Otto Freundlich featuring two bronze sculptures from the Musée Tavet-Delacour in Pontoise near Paris Stall 4: Replica of a lost sculpture by the artist Rudolf Haizmann Stall 5: Video showing attempts to construct a monument using empty packets of Marlboro cigarettes that keeps collapsing Stall 6: The work Robert Walser Tränen (Robert Walser Tears) by Thomas Hirschhorn and two videos of a woman slowly tipping her head upwards Stall 7: Stalagmites and stalactites made out tinfoil, hanging in front of a panel on the theme of “spoons for collectors” Stall 8: Postcards and posters mounted on wood with various motifs on the theme of “sculpture” Stall 9: Two fictional awards for the authors Robert Walser and Emmanuel Bove Stall 10: Architectural maquette made of wood, cardboard, polystyrene with a small maquette of the Kunsthalle containing four works by Thomas Hirschhorn Location Katthagen / corner of Rosenstraße, beside the row of bottle banks. Temporary installation for the duration of Skulptur. Projekte in Münster 1997


Sculpture Exhibition in Münster, 1997 | 1997.06.22 - 1997.09.28 | LWL-Museum für Kunst und Kultur(Germany) | Münster(Germany)