South of the Mountains

Artist: Zhou Tao
video | single channel 4K video with sound | 2019

The sandstorm has covered the land and sky as far as the eye could see. As it wasn't viable to leave the task until the next day, the salt finder and the rock finding team continue their work in the Gobi Desert, dispatching smaller units to gather at the temporary transfer station. When it came close to supper time, the sandstorm has engulfed the entire base. The sky appeared a magenta color and grey green. Spinning at the tallest point of the mountain was a giant white cloud. Going from the cloud downwards, at the south side of the mountain, was an endless Gobi Desert, where a 750 hectares (1800 acres) ecological base was slowly being constructed. Video practice, sampling the topography, where does the depth of field lead in the image and sound? In the immortal desert, nothing decays. Everything weathers and turns to dust.


Zhou Tao - The Ridge in A Bronze Mirror | 2019.03.23 - 2019.05.26 | Guangdong Times Art Museum(Guangzhou, China)