Casino Model ‘d8’ Chair

Artist: Pentagon
object | Steel, black vinyl | 780x535x560mm | 1987

For documenta 8, the Pentagon Group was invited to create a public art piece which turned into the idea for an 'artists' café. Each member of the group designed furniture which was to be part of the room. The exhibition was intended to be movable, a 'traveling' café, but in the end the group destroyed most of the work as a final performance.


Documenta 8 | 1987.06.12 - 1987.09.20 | Diskothek "New York"(Kassel, Germany) | Karlsaue park(Kassel, Germany) | Karlskirche(Kassel, Germany) | Kasseler Innenstadt(Kassel, Germany) | Kulturfabrik Salzmann(Kassel, Germany) | Museum Fridericianum(Kassel, Germany) | Orangerie(Kassel, Germany) | Renthof(Kassel, Germany)