Knights (and other dreams)

Artist: Nedko Solakov
installation | 2012

Documenta 13 asked me to produce a new work and I made Knights (and other dreams). Working at the Brothers Grimm Museum was unforgettable: For the first time, I had a suite of rooms, a natural path for my stories. I did my best not to be an intruder into the institution; for example, the way I showed the texts and all the other elements of the work matches its display techniques. More important, I tried to respect as much as possible its architecture. As my old professor from the Sofia Art Academy used to teach his students, “Architecture is always first; you—the artist—are the second!” This work was made while my survey exhibition was taking place. In the last room of Knights (and other dreams), I connect the two of them: The yellow folders, part of the “made-up young artist’s dream” section, come from the first venue of the retrospective, at the Ikon Gallery. Unlike most touring shows, the curators of the retrospective agreed to play a game with me: Rather than focus solely on my mature works, all from the past thirty years—even those made after I graduated in 1981—were to be considered. Also, at least one work per year had to be chosen. After two days of meetings, they came up with a checklist of “good” works for each year, a selection reached by consensus. Later, out of this checklist, each one of them chose only one work per year; some works overlapped, some didn’t. Nevertheless, for Trento, I selected thirty works rejected by the curators of the other three venues, the best of the “bad” ones. I called this selection “All in (My) Order, with Exceptions.”


Documenta 13 | 2012.06.09 - 2012.09.16 | Brüder-Grimm-Museum | documenta-Halle(Kassel, Germany) | Hauptbahnhof(Kassel, Germany) | Karlsaue | Karlsaue park(Kassel, Germany) | Museum Fridericianum(Kassel, Germany) | Neue Galerie(Kassel, Germany) | Oberste Gasse 4(Kassel, Germany) | Orangerie(Kassel, Germany) | Ottoneum(Kassel, Germany) | Untere Karlsstr. 14