The White-Haired Man

Artist: Zhou Tao
installation, painting | installation with drawings and furniture | 2019

Xi’Er escapes into the mountains, and her haired turned all white. —From the film The White Haired Girl During the Cultural Revolution, he escaped from the South to the North-West, wandering from place to place. He ultimately settled down and formed a family in the village of Yatongusi, which lies at the heart of the Taklamakan Desert. Making a living on handicrafts such as making furniture, he was referred to by the locals as The White-Haired Man. Individual acts intertwined with historical events end up creating a vivid portrait of “topography”. We attempt to capture this portrait of topography amidst uncertain clues and scattered images of objects.


Zhou Tao - The Ridge in A Bronze Mirror | 2019.03.23 - 2019.05.26 | Guangdong Times Art Museum(Guangzhou, China)